We'll never seem to get over Bluetooth® speakers. At least not anytime soon. Call them the prominent musical device, good. If it's music or anything audio- either to be enjoyed alone or together with friends (indoors or outdoors) - then go for a Bluetooth® speaker.

Bluetooth® speakers are definitely here to stay. They're about the most convenient and low-priced means of circulating sound from your phones, tablets and other gadgets, across the room, garden, courtyard, and car or even on the street. You shouldn't hesitate to get one.

With the rise in demand for this device and with the ever advancing knowledge of science and technology, there seems to be a modification in the modern day models of Bluetooth® speakers thus, making it almost impossible to make the perfect pick. We, however, consider the 700W portable Axess Bluetooth® speaker one of the best Bluetooth® speakers in the market today, and we're sure it'll make a great appeal for anyone.

Here's why!

Of all models of Axess Portable Boombox Bluetooth® speakers, the new SKU MPBT6507 model comes in a really attractive design and possesses many outstanding features.

To start with, it has a battery capacity of 2400mAh (which is rechargeable), an output voltage of 3.7V, a frequency response of 150Hz-18KHz and a speaker with an output power of 700 Watt PMPO. It definitely promises a distinct vocal reproduction and a decent sound quality- the kind that sways anyone.

Bluetooth® speakers with subwoofers are a big deal. They help to reproduce every frequency (low-pitched audio frequencies, especially) sent by your audio source. This model features a double (3" and 5.25") subwoofer and as such, you miss out on no sound at all. How pleasant!


The size of this Bluetooth® speaker fits perfectly for a travel. Besides, it is quite sturdy and can withstand so much. It also supports wireless connection to USB, microSD/TF, AUX and FM radio. What better travel or outdoor device?

Available in a sleek back shade with a colorful LED light display feature, this is about the most affordable Bluetooth® speaker you'll find for sale. For a Bluetooth® speaker with such incredible features yet sells for less than $65, that's pretty cheap. See why we hyped its affordability, earlier?

Besides, it provides a TWS (True Wireless Stereo) pairing function which allows you to pair two audio devices/speakers together, through Bluetooth®. It also comes with a DC5V charging adapter, an attachable strap (to aid carriage), an audio cable, a wired microphone and a remote control! Of course, it is portable.

That's not all. You get to enjoy a free shipping on this product because it sells for just $59.99. Pretty amazing. You similarly enjoy free shipping on every item bought on our website that is worth over $49. Say no more!

Now, if this isn't the best Bluetooth® speaker, we wonder which is. We're Axess, the home of technology and creativity, and you can be sure to enjoy these and more with the new SKU MPBT6507 model of Axess Bluetooth® speakers. Get yourself one today by clicking here.