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  1. Small PA Speakers

    Small PA Speakers

    While small PA speakers are very convenient and practical with very simple connections to be made and a very natural sound, they still have a few disadvantages such as the fact that they easily lead to whistle, and are most effective when used indoors. However, even though they are thought to be most effective when used indoors, they can still be used outdoors with a little difference in output.

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  2. All in one: Portable Boombox Bluetooth® Speaker & Rechargeable Media Player


    With the rise in demand for this device and with the ever advancing knowledge of science and technology, there seems to be a modification in the modern day models of bluetooth speakers thus, making it almost impossible to make the perfect pick. We, however, consider the 700W portable Axess Bluetooth® speaker one of the best Bluetooth® speakers in the market today, and we're sure it'll make a great appeal for anyone.

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  3. What is Boombox?


    The boombox has been making waves since the 80's. You know, flawlessly providing the possibility of playing AM/FM radio stations as well as recorded music (hip-hop, old school, etc.), from CDs or cassettes, at high volumes. Long before the invention of mp3 players, iPods and what have you, the boombox has always been there. Doesn't seem to be effacing anytime soon because this time, the device is back with a spark!

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